The Science of Group Work

Realising the full potential and contribution of groups and teams to society by exploring group life from an outer horizontal and inner vertical perspective.

We wish to offer space for exploration and research on Group Work and Group Consciousness in the world.

What is a

Exploring the visible and invisible aspects of group life and dynamics

Group as

How groups are helping to unlock the greater good

Group Focalisation

The practises and qualities that help unlock the power of group energetics

Group Consciousness

The higher expression of group potential

Dimensions of Group Life

The way in which groups work and their journey unfolds

The power of groups

Any project, goal or objective seems more attainable if a group of people, seeing themselves existing within a larger interdependent system, wholeheartedly commit themselves to accomplish it.

Teams and groups committed to the common good are increasingly becoming an essential dimension of human expression and impact, whether in organisations, communities, nations or other groupings.


We live in a challenging, uncertain, volatile yet powerful world, where individual skills and know-how are no longer sufficient to navigate toward solutions and access inherent possibilities. A world where the challenges of today can only be faced through groups using applied group wisdom and committed the greater good.


What do we mean by group?

A group of people is not just the sum of its parts – it becomes a living organism…

  • with its own purpose – ‘why’ the group exists
  • its soul – both the innate qualities the group offers and qualities yet to be developed
  • its mental, emotional and physical expression in the outer world.


To realise the full potential and contribution of groups and teams, we have to explore both a horizontal level, or outer dimension, of group life as well as a vertical, or inner, level of existence, both “real” and fundamental.


If we look at a group through these 5 levels of expression, we access wider, deeper and unexplored dimensions. “Unexplored” because for many they may have been unseen and invisible to the common way of seeing group work and group consciousness.

Recent Articles

Group consciousness in business

It may seem strange to reflect on professional, organisational or business groups when thinking about group consciousness, but as we know, the overall progress of humanity is bound in the kaleidoscope of diversity and the progress made by each particle or subset. For this reason, it seems helpful to consider where these professional groups are headed in their consciousness and also what if anything spiritual groups can learn from them.

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Individual and Group Synergy

The consciousness of humanity is shifting from a focus upon the individual to that of the group as the unit of evolution. Whether the group is as small as a pair of individuals or as large as a nation, the presence of active, mindful, and loving relationship creates an energetic space that reveals the underlying wholeness of the Sacred. The foundation of this shift in consciousness is one of an appreciation and honouring of the sovereignty and freedom of the individual as a source of will, choice, and love, and a deeper understanding of the group as an expression of synergy.

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Leadership and world affairs

The current world situation helps consider how the relationship between leadership and group is evolving, and whether leadership is still a prerogative of individuals. The form of such relationship currently most applied throughout the world is democracy with its multifaceted manifestations, sometime even in blatant contradiction. There are many evident limitations to this model, and it is impossible not to recognize that it is characterized by a form of use of force by the majority against the minority: the enforcement of the will of the majority on the will of the minority. This certainly creates an interesting creative dynamism, in some places similar to a pendulum, but at the same time it does also create scars and resentment which manifest, in best case scenarios, through reversal of policies, and in worst through discrimination, exclusion, arbitrary detentions, etc, i.e. violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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About this project

The scope of our initiative is to offer a space for a broad/wide and bold exploration of Group Work and Group Consciousness in the world.

Who are you

You will be working as part of one of more teams or groups and have a deep, felt sense that your group has more to bring to the world.


You will most likely have completed all of the conventional approaches to team development and feel there is still more power and energy to be accessed and utilised for the greater good.


You will be looking for a deeper understanding of the potential of groups and how to access that potential.


You may be a member of a business, not for profit, NGO, a spiritual community or any other group – at your core you will be committed to the greater good of Humanity and the Planet.

Who we are

We are a group of researchers and practitioners, based in the Community of Living Ethics, Umbria, Italy, experiencing and living Group Work and Group Consciousness in our work, service and lives. We are inspired to raise awareness about the Science of Group Work and Group Consciousness in all fields of human life (i.e. associations, business, intentional and spiritual communities, service groups, profit and not for profit organizations) as a key step to support Human and Planetary evolution and consciousness. Our intention is to serve many groups…

We are actively engaged in research on groups’ experiences and how group consciousness evolves and gets ignited to enable groups to reach their highest peaks of expression and realization for the highest Good.

Contact us for more information or to help support our research…